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By mhahnsuper Account on 11/1/2011 7:21 AM
In this article, I will discuss how to run a successful King of the Hill Tournament. I will show you the various ways you can set up your tournament and set the custom sizes of elimination. The King of the Hill Tournament is an open competition style used primarily in Free for All game modes (FFA).
By mhahnsuper Account on 10/25/2011 9:17 AM
Back in 1999, I launched the first Tribes 1 tournaments. Some of these tournaments were major tournaments and regular tournaments. I thought I would share the graphics and prize listings to show you the tournaments from back then. You can compare the times.


By mhahnsuper Account on 10/11/2011 7:23 AM

I recently saw a tournament online where the entire match consisted of the best of two out of three on using three different maps played just once. The time per map was 10 minutes. That means if there was no problems with the launching of games that the entire match length could last approximately 30 minutes plus loading times. That is not a very spectacular or compelling match if you ask me. Tournament matches should have a format where the matches feel like the players or teams are getting a real chance to win their match. Matches with a short hook is either inexperienced and/or they want the tournament over super fast. They just want to take the sponsorship money and run. Maybe they want quantity of entrants and not quality of an amazing tournament.

When I hosted tournaments online, I made sure that the matches gave teams and players a fair opportunity to...
By mhahnsuper Account on 9/21/2011 8:29 AM
TournamentsThis article is going to dive into writing game and match play rules for online tournaments. This article is not going to cover terms of service and/or rules of participation agreements. I am going to assume that the process is already finished when they signed up. The next step is to set up the rules to be more individualized for the tournament itself. Every tournament has to have very specific and ironclad rule set for match play. This protects your tournament from problems, deviations and interpretations. Allowing the participants to argue, because of your oversight, could take up valuable time. They may even be right. This is where your good intentions to provide the community something noteworthy with your valuable time can go off track.


Below are important sections and explanation of areas to add to your rules.

Conduct Rules

By mhahnsuper Account on 9/6/2011 9:05 AM
Torunament LogoIf you ever have entered an online tournament your either had one of the two methods to join the tournament; Sign up on a website and show up at a place on date and time. Or you had to show up at a date and time to be entered and your opponent was picked. This article assumes there is a place where the tournament is being administered in an online chat room or web/game service. So the question is what are the benefits of having a pre-sign up tournament verse open sign up process.

Pre-Sign ups

Pre-sign up process allows the host to schedule or stagger the bracket matches of the tournament . The tournament host  can have a larger cut off size for the tournament. It also allows the host to be prepared with enough help and game servers (if needed) to be set up and ready for the tournament. The one downfall to this process is the first round of every tournament has multiple forfeits/no shows. I always called this the forfeit round. The second round you sometimes have to reseed so everyone has a match and the tournament begins. The bigger the size of the tournament the bigger number of forfeits and no shows.

By mhahnsuper Account on 8/25/2011 9:53 AM
This article is intended to help someone who has never hosted a tournament to get an idea of what steps are needed to prepare. I have personally hosted many successful tournaments with hundreds of players and teams. Before you think about creating your tournament you need to plan few steps. These steps are easy to think about but hard to implement. Just a bunch of simple questions to ask yourself based of Who, What, Where, Why and When. I intentionally left off tournament promotion and prizes questions in this article.

Who is hosting the tournament?

The name of the person or entities that is facilitating the event. If it is yourself just list your name and website.

What platform is this tournament being held on?

Just explain whether this is a PC or console tournament. If its a console tournament you may need to require players to use a PC in a chat lobby and to provide...
By mhahnsuper Account on 8/15/2011 6:20 AM
There are so many different types of competition systems on the web for games. In his post, I will examine some of the different types of competition systems and explain their differences. Since I owned the Clan World Network which was made up of the following sites: Clan Ladder.com, Clan League.com, Clan Tourney.com.

The different types of competitions on the web consists of




League StandingsLeagues are an on-going style with a set start and stop date with a schedule of events. The schedule can be loose or tight depending on the league that your involved in. This type of competition play is similar to a pro sports league. Divisions and standings for leader boards. Standings are an excellent way to measure skill for a season ending playoff system. Preset servers and times are common...

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