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How to Build a Clan for your Favorite Game

Sep 14

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9/14/2011 8:50 AM  RssIcon

Clan RecruitmentThis beginner article is a broad representation of steps needed to build your clan for the game you want play. Each game is different in terms of its own community and the tools provided that help clans more so then others. With that said the first step in the process is coming up with a name for your clan. When picking the name try to pick something different or unique. It could be a long name that shortens to an acronym. The acronym can be used as your clan tag. Clan tags are prefixes members add to their names in game to advertise and represent your clan. In addition to the name you need to start thinking of a mission statement or type of clan your going to be with in the community of your game. Is your clan going to be casual or competitive is one aspect you need to decide. Secondly, you should see what tools are available for your clan with your game's community. Some games offer recruitment pages, player and team pages, have websites and/or forums dedicated to clans and players.

So now you have your clan name, clan tag, your new clan info page on a forum and website, and mission statement for new members. Is your clan going to allow kids or just adults? You should also start to think of what type of rules for leadership and rules for members to follow. The leadership style is important to a lot of players such as a dictatorship/owner or a council/senate/officer style cabinet. You could also do a combination of the two styles if you prefer. How you run and maintain your clan will ultimately be the reason why your clan succeeds or fails.

CWN LogoNow it is time to build your clan through recruiting. Recruitment is one of the single hardest things to do when starting a new clan by yourself. You should ask yourself the following questions. How do I find new members? How do I convince members to give my clan a try? This is what you need to think about. Play some games, I mean a lot of games and meet new people. If you think they will make good members then invite them to join. I would steer clear of asking players already in clans. You could let them know if they are ever looking to leave their present clan that your door is open with a shiny welcome mat. Do not go pillaging other clans for members. I always let them leave on their own. Build relationships and network with other players/clans within the community. Find the game's clan/player recruitment forums and advertise your clan page. Don't spam the forums constantly or you will not get anyone interested and you could be potentially banned before you even got your clan off the ground. Ask your new clan members to help recruit members such as their friends but remind them to follow the rules in your charter. Require your new members to wear the clan tag in games and have a signature while posting on the game's forum which is promoting your clan. After a few weeks or even a month, you should have a clan or new family foundation planted. Once your clan starts to become successful you could start think of valuable additions and upgrades to your clan such as a clan website, voice server, and more.

I hope this article has given you a brief overview of how to build a Clan with your favorite game. I didn’t go into deep detail because of the diversity of games and communities these days. But if your playing a FPS, RTS or even an MMO game this article should get you started on your way.

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