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I am very experienced in building, managing and creating communities of all types, social media engagement, social media integration and writing/blogging. I am also experienced working with in the Gaming Industry, E-Sports Gaming and I continue to become better as trends evolve.  Hire me Today.

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My Bio

Welcome to the Realm of Michael Hahn.   This is my social place on the internet to highlight my experiences in community management, social media, online marketing, programming and the gaming industry. I have worked, volunteered, and followed in the game industry and community management teams for over 13 years.  I have traveled all over the United States attending conventions and hosted LAN Parties as well as joining Meetups.

I have plenty of experience in creating. building, and managing communities. Using techniques from hosting contests, and events like tournaments, leagues, and ladders to achieve maximum results.  I have been working in many roles of building social business (including sales and marketing) for the  Clan World Network. I have been using proven social media strategies  for growing my brands on the internet for years.  I am deeply passionate and a hard worker that is willing to do what it takes to achieve the best results. I have shown the ability to take a small site with a purpose and turn it into something big using these  social media and other marketing techniques.

When I am not gaming, I am learning to program using ASP.net, JQuery, Javascript, MSSQL and C#. I am an avid twitter user, fascinated with the API and programming using a library called LinqtoTwitter.

I am a proud member of the IGDA and ECA.  My current IGDA Chapter is in Philadelphia. I participated in Philly Game Jam 2011, Global Game Jam 2012 & 2013 and made a games with my awesome teammates.

Many of my blog articles are featured on Gamasutra, Social Media Today and MyCmgr.com. Gamasutra is a leading place for the business of the game industry.  Social Media Today is one of the leading sources for best practices and trends in Social Media. My Cmgr is one of the best Community Management sites on the web.

I was recently given the following accolades

  • Top 500 Community Managers on Twitter according to Little Bird Media
  • Top 1 Percent Influencer on Social Media according to Kred
  • Top 5 Percent profiles on LinkedIn.

If you would like to talk to me feel free to do so on the twitter. Follow @mbhahn.

You can email me at cwnhahnsolo( A^T ) yahoo (dot) com